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Empowering a New Generation

"Gathering at the Table offers a solution for those seeking community and worship in a non-traditional setting."

"Give the gift of empowerment by joining us at Gathering at the Table! Together, we can make a difference in empowering the next generation."


We believe that God meets us wherever we are at, and we do our best to do the same for one another. We walk together and support one another through relationships, careers, parenting, faith, and more. 

The Table Conversation

The Table is conversation based and we worship by being in community together instead of following a traditional liturgy. All are welcome at God's table, and by extension, are all welcome at ours too.

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Our Community

Welcome to the GATT Community! Here, we foster connection, growth, and belonging for all who gather at our table. Join our vibrant community of individuals seeking meaningful connections, engaging discussions, and shared experiences. Whether online or in person, we're here to support, uplift, and inspire one another. Come be a part of something special at GATT Community.

Our Promise

Come as you are. You are welcome.  You are loved.

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Our Mission

While each of us is different, the perspectives we bring make us stronger together. All are welcome and all are valued as we continue our mission. To learn more about what we do and how we do it, keep looking through our site or feel free to get in touch with questions.


At Our Core 

At Gathering At the Table, community, faith and wellbeing are at the core of everything that we do.  GATT is dedicated to helping our young adults to reach their full potential and preparation for the future as leading voices in the community.

Member Impact

Members directly support the mission and initiatives of Gathering At The Table by donating a percentage of their sales. This contribution aids in promoting inclusive worship practices and fostering community-building efforts.

Empowerment for Creators:


The Faithful Creations Marketplace empowers creators to monetize their digital creations while making a positive social impact. This initiative cultivates a sense of purpose and fulfillment in their creative pursuits.

Expanding Global Reach:


With the support of members worldwide, Gathering At The Table's initiatives can reach a broader audience, magnifying their influence and nurturing inclusive communities on a global scale.

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We are looking forward to growing and becoming a force of positivity in our community, a community that models Jesus’ way of being. We learn, work, support, and serve together.

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Our Story

At Gathering at the Table, we offer a unique solution for those seeking community and worship in a non-traditional setting. Join us as we empower a new generation to connect, grow, and thrive. Our gatherings center around food and engaging scripture lessons that resonate with life experiences. Plus, our online community ensures connection beyond physical borders. Join us today and experience the difference!

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You Have Found Your Tribe!!

"You were designed by God to thrive in community. Now is the perfect moment to become a part of Gathering At The Table (GATT), where authenticity is valued, and everyone belongs. Join us today and experience the power of genuine connection."

About Our Team at GATT

At Gathering at the Table (GATT), our team is dedicated to fostering connection, growth, and belonging for all who join our community. We are passionate about creating meaningful experiences, facilitating engaging discussions, and providing support to uplift and inspire one another.


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